Welcome to Hobby Machine!

I started my machining business in 2002 after 12 years of working for other shops. My business grew fast, but after 3 years I decided to start designing custom Harley parts. People are tired of seeing the same thing on other bikes and at a premium price to boot. I ride and take my prototypes with me most of the time. What better place to get opinions than at an event filled with avid bikers.
If you need custom engraving, cnc machining, laser engraving, laser cutting of plastics, wood and other soft materials, you have come to the right place.
Made in USA by someone that uses what he sells.

Update: We now offer custom screen printing on T-Shirts and more. Custom gifts with photographs are available as well. We are working on updating and or creating a new website to show our product line.

2 things that I disagree with:
1. Over priced parts just because it is going on a Harley or other make.

2. Companies importing the parts just to make a bigger profit.
The next time you buy a part, look at the country of origin.
My opinion:
Kuryakyn - Import crap
Harley - Import crap