Army Coin - Persuasive in Peace, Invincible in War

Army Persuasive in Peace, Invincible in War Challenge Coin

Army Star - Persuasive in Peace, Invincible in War

As the scope of its missions evolve, the U.S. Army, the greatest military force in the world, adapts and evolves to meet its challenges and enemies with the watch words “Persuasive in Peace, Invincible in War.”

This powerful philosophy solidifies the U.S. Army’s status as a source of might in times of conflict as well as peace. Today’s American soldiers are on point to defend America and its citizens at any time and in any place of the world. This ever-present readiness enables the country to go forward and meet its critical combat and peace-keeping objectives both domestically and globally.

The center of the coin, bearing a five-point U.S. Army star, is cut out and allows the design to transmit a heightened tactile feel to the holder. The obverse of this cut out bears the text “Persuasive in Peace, Invincible in War.” The reverse of the coin, shows the Army’s motto “This We’ll Defend” -- signifying the Army's constant readiness to defend and preserve the United States.

Struck in a brass alloy, this coin is accented with eye-catching enamel highlights on both sides.