Baker XL6

Baker XL6 Drivetrain

The BAKER ™ XL6 is a six-speed overdrive ‘cartridge style’ gearset
that converts any existing 1991-2003 sportster/buell to a BAKER ™
six speed. 2nd through 5th gear ratios are effectively the same as
stock, 6th gear is a true overdrive.

  • 0ver a 500 rpm drop in top-gear cruising rpm
    at 75 mph
  • Reduced vibration
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduced wear and tear on your engine
  • Smoother shifting and improved neutral finding

XL6 Kits Include:

  • 6061-t6 trap door
  • Complete gearset including shafts and gears, less the 5th (maindrive) gear pair
  • Gearset is assembled to the trap door including bearings, ball bearings, thrust washers, and retaining rings
  • Shift drum and detent plate with optimized geometry. no flimsy

    retaining clip to hold the detent plate to the drum. ours is bolted on with a machine screw
  • Low effort detent spring
  • Three billet steel shift forks with roller pins and cotter pins.
  • Steel template for accurate case modification

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