Air Horns

Air HornsDefend yourself with one of these loud motorcycle horns!

All Mini Beast Air Horns Feature:

  • Streamlined install: 3 wires + 1 nut = no headaches!
  • Loud, loud, loud. Did we mention they're loud?
  • Class dominating 3 YEAR replacement warranty.
  • Aluminum or steel covers in chrome, black gloss or black wrinkle. Most of the time we only have a small amount of stock. Please ask first if you are in a hurry.
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Mini Beast 3 Air Horn ImageMini Beast 3
Mini Beast 4 Air Horn ImageMini Beast 4
Mini Beast 5 Black
Mini Beast 5 Skull Air HornMini Beast 5 Black Skull
Mini Beast 5 Carbon Fiber air hornMini Beast 5 Carbon Fiber
Mini Beast 5 Chrome Air HornMini Beast 5 Chrome
Mini Beast MBX Avenge Air Horn ImageMini Beast MBX Avenge